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Welcome to our family tree.

In mid-2017, I decided to buy a round trip ticket to Cuba and realized that I didn't have much to go on about my extended family in Cuba.

My great uncle, Manuel Garcia (Manolito), shared family tree with me by drawing and explaining in detail our ancestors and descendants when he visited us in San Francisco, California many years ago. Unfortunately, those papers are buried somewhere but I know I didn't lose them. His passion had been seared into my mind and hopefully, the papers that he drew will magically appear somehow. His work deserves to be shared with the whole family.

In November 2017, I went to see my great uncle, Jose Garcia (Pepito) in New Jersey, USA. He shared the Ramos family line with me. He also drew a family tree like Manolito did. I peppered my uncle Pepito with questions about my father, Roberto Fernandez, who died in 1991 when I was in college. Through Pepito, I learned that my father had two half sisters from my grandfather's second wife. I did not have that information until then! I also learned from my cousin, Zoila, that my grandfather had seven siblings. I always thought that he was the only child. Moreover, I was astonished when I discovered that my mother's mother had nine siblings! She only had one that I knew of. I believe they shared their families' histories with other family members but I did not know of this because I cannot hear.

I only had 4 weeks to prepare the family tree before going to Cuba in December 2017. So, I had limited information to share with my extended family in Cuba. This led me to build a family tree (see picture above). The people whose source of information helped me put together the family tree, are Jose Garcia Ramos, Josey Duffy Fernandez (my sister), Magalis Fernandez Brito (my mother), and Zoila Khan Chaviano. Another family member, Felix Ramos, also shared more information after I showed the ancestry to him in Cuba.

In the past, I did not have a good grasp of family relations when my father introduced my cousins to me. He usually said 'This is our cousin, his/her name is...' and did not say how we were related. I am a visual person and learn better with a drawing or some kind of schema on paper than with spoken words, as they tend to go over my head. Family members who have seen the tree have mentioned that they appreciated seeing it online/paper. This is why this project is important to me. I want our family members to know more about their family history, hence this website. This site is built digitally and is designed for every family member from anywhere in the world who wants to know about their ancestors. There will be no more confusion, no more assumptions, no more question marks hovering above your head; you can see where your family line began.

This site is free but is only accessible to our family members. Please contact us for an account. When you have found the family or individual you are seeking, you can print out their family tree in either the chart forms shown or as a .pdf file. You can also download pictures for your photo album.

Please do share information with us about whose relatives, our forefathers, who has been born, who has died, and who has married. Provide names, dates, histories, pictures or any interesting stories you have. Also if you find any mistakes, please contact us and we will correct them as soon as possible.

Enjoy your connections here!

Ralph (Rafael) Fernandez

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